Feel free to e-mail or call me for more information, references or to discuss the need for additional services. My services as an Arbitrator or Mediator are billed at hourly or daily rates, as appropriate.

My dispute resolution practice has been national and international. I bill for the actual costs of travel, meals and lodging and for work performed while traveling and before and during the course of the arbitration or mediation and any consultations (other than administrative discussions) that may occur outside of the Hearings or Mediation. I use an hourly rate for billing during the Hearings or Mediation sessions. My billing includes case review/study time i.e. reviewing the Contract Documents, correspondence or pleadings while in my office or traveling, if needed.

My hourly rate is used when reviewing pleadings and documents and issuing Orders on discovery or other procedural matters and disputes. I encourage the parties, in the interest of time and expense, to meet and confer and seek to provide me with drafts of their negotiated or otherwise considered resolution of disputed motions and other procedural or substantive issues. I am willing to discuss and use any time and cost saving methods during the Hearing or in resolving an evidentiary or procedural dispute that the parties agree upon or otherwise propose. 

In my years of practice, the goal has always been to to deliver the most cost effective results for the parties and the American Arbitration Association or other administrative body

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